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Important Update

Dear Friends of WIFI,

When we first launched WIFI-Women Investing For Impact in 2011, the objective had been to educate ourselves about this emerging and exciting field called impact investing. Today, after 7 years and over 50 hosted events, we have reached the point where impact investing has moved from the shadows to become a more common and more prominent part of mainstream discussions about investment opportunities. And there are now increasing opportunities for the WIFI network to access information and education on this topic that didn’t exist before.

With new opportunities to develop and grow our knowledge and understanding of this exciting sector and after much reflection, we have decided to end the WIFI breakfast series. We do however plan to continue the conversation on social media, via Facebook and LinkedIn, so please continue to post interesting articles and points of discussion.

The mainstreaming of impact investing discussions is a very positive trend that will continue and grow. Should there be an opportunity in the future to meet with a person of interest, we may send you an invitation to an ad-hoc event.

The spirit of WIFI carries on through each of us.

We send you our warmest wishes for continued joy and success in your future impact investing activities.

Kathy Fazel Fazel & Fiona Macfarlane

Co-Founders, Wifi


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