About WIFI

Women Investing For Impact

In the spring of 2011, a small group of Montrealers calling themselves “Women Investing for Impact” [now affectionately known as WIFI] met to discuss impact investing and what it might mean for them. Since then we’ve met several times to explore ways in which we might raise awareness [while learning ourselves] and support better coordination of and access to resources available to the sector. Though our overall mission is still emerging, we all feel the need to make our contributions to our communities more strategic and more impactful.

WIFI was inspired by the first report of the Canadian Task Force on Social Finance “Mobilizing Private Capital for Public Good” which came out in late 2010. The existence of the Task Force highlights Canadians’ growing interest in impact investing. Their mandate: “ignite the development of an investment marketplace dedicated to addressing Canada’s social and environmental challenges” did just that. The first report’s seven recommendations have since fueled discussion and action by governments, foundations, institutions and individuals across the country, including our own WIFI.

Over the past year, WIFI has grown to over 60 members. We come from leadership positions in both business and not-for-profits. In the social sector, we’ve acted as fundraisers, donors, volunteers, directors, employees and social entrepreneurs. Each of us is interested in bringing what we know to help social enterprises and not-for-profits achieve their primary social or environmental mission using business methods. Together we want to learn more.

To find out more, or to join WIFI, please contact us at [email protected]